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Welcome to Old Cowdogs, the ultimate source for the finest in art, fine books, and collectibles celebrating the horse culture of the Pacific Slope as well as a unique collection of classic saddle silver & Spanish ornamentation.

What is Old Cowdogs? It is a place where fine horsemanship, civility and competence are celebrated. In the days of the Dons back in the time of the Califorñios, horsemen worked to be the best they could be – a finished bridle horse was the image of their success. And that success was found in the quality of the work being done. Put simply – it was knowing the difference between "close" and "right."

During that brief period between the mid 1830s and the early 1880s, horseman of the Pacific Slope region of the west coast lived in a horseback world that appears to be mostly gone. As Montana author William Kittredge so eloquently wrote "we lost our ancient proximity to animals. And the clouds past swiftly by without us."

But take heart.

There is a glow being fanned by people discovering again the intrinsic quality of fine horsemanship as practiced by the bridle horsemen of long ago, in growing numbers today.

It is an approach that relates as well to humans as well as horses. It is about taking the time needed to be competent and skilled. It is a life filled with quiet successes of satisfaction achieved through honest work and humility.

The things you see here represent fine and important work by true Westerners. Westerners who lived - and live – respectful lives of stewardship towards the land, as well as celebrating fine horsemanship and all of its stock handling applications.

Our new and historic books, writings, fine art and collectibles are steeped in that life.

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